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Fitness Trainer | Miami Beach

Grant Weeditz focuses on working with his clients’ body rhythms and personal lifestyles so they can liberate themselves from functional limitations and look great doing it.


GRANT WEEDITZ has a passion for total immersion into a training system. “20-mile ruck marches, the stress of a bodybuilding cut, to the daunting task of lifting the heaviest weight of your life in front of crowds of people – these are the challenges I thrive on.”

Throughout his fitness journey, the challenges have changed and the training methods have varied radically, but they have one common theme: Maximum effort when it counts. “I’m passionate about the drive to push personal limits of intensity. This is what unlocks not only physical abilities but growth potential in almost any other aspect of your life. If adversity can be stared in the face and overcome regularly in a sweat session, things seem less unsurmountable when things don’t go your way outside the walls of the gym.”


    National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Onnit Academy Steel Mace & Steel Club Senior Coach


    Competed in (4) National Physique Committee (NPC) Bodybuilding Shows with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finishes.1st place finish in the Dubuque Strongman Show


    fueled by 12 years of military service across multiple overseas deployments, as well as a strength & conditioning background from collegiate and pro athlete performance training.


Grant’s path to his current fitness vocation was an unconventional one. “I was retroactively rejected from the university I had been accepted into which left me with little direction outside getting reserve status in the military. I began technical school for auto mechanics after a brief stint in community college fizzled out.”

After 2-years working in the field changing oil and turning wrenches, Grant was deployed to Iraq and served two consecutive tours as an engineer working in combat support. His duties included, but were not limited to,  building base defenses and bridges, patrolling terrorist training facilities, and running convoys.

“During our downtime, a few of us from our unit would train hard at a local gym on post. We were very fortunate to have this opportunity, as many deployed soldiers have to build their own gyms. This was the unofficial beginning to my fitness career. Others looked to me for direction and motivation, which in turn motivated me.” Grant’s plan upon returning stateside became: Go to school and get a degree in something. That something became Exercise Science and the school that was looking to help a previously misguided individual was Illinois State University. “Studying was my number one focus as a 23-year-old geriatric freshman. The goal was to absorb as much as possible from my education and as well as get my foot in the door at a local Gold’s Gym at their front desk eventually working my way into training. One year of 1-on-1 personal training was under my belt when it was time to intern for my final semester of school.”

“There was a place in Florida where a couple of amazing coaches were training collegiate football players for the NFL combine. This brought me to South Florida but the incredible education and overall learning experience kept me there to accept the job after my internship had come to an end. 2-years into that job and a what felt like 10-years of training experience led me to an opportunity working with a former NFL athlete, master trainer, and overall inspiring and positive personality, Marc Megna. Marc opened up a new gym in Miami Beach called Anatomy where I am today. Every day, I look forward to going to work and spending quality time with people who have become family.”


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GRANT WEEDITZ specializes in a unique combination of power output and conditioning methods which help his clients build a strong metabolic engine and work capacity. Regularly asking the questions, “How fast? How strong? How far?” Grant focuses on performance metrics which he finds leads his clients directly to the aesthetic and longevity results they’re seeking.

Whether it’s reducing body fat or increasing muscle mass, this methodology is paired with strength and mobility challenges utilizing bodyweight, barbells, along with unique tools like the steel mace and club. Being balanced across all components of fitness are vital pieces to the Grant Weeditz training system.

Grant’s training methodology is built on 4 pillars: strength, conditioning, power, and mobility. Each pillar is built independently unto itself yet needs to be paired with the other pillars over the course of one workout and across a several week training block.






    These are the cornerstones to Grant’s fitness programming. If upon assessment the movement can’t be done to standard, accommodations will be made until functional patterns are improved.


    Once a foundational base of strength and conditioning is established, strength and power generation are emphasized over the course of 3-6 week blocks of programming. This is the meat and potatoes. Work gets done here and massive progress is made rapidly with care for proper movement at all times.

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    Form is never sacrificed. Mobility lays the groundwork leading to exceptional improvements athletic performance and ultimately a lean and strong body composition.